10 WordPress Plugins for building the ultimate website

Here at BananaCake media, we love to build many different types of websites. Real estate, Business, Coaching, e-commerce etc. Every site might be very different from the other but we keep our tools consistent and repeatable. Of course, we like to try new things but here are 10 of our favorite tools that not only help our development but also our end-user and client.
It is our opinion, just with using these plugins you will have a fully set up website with all possible options you can ask for. Of course, there are many more we could have mentioned.

1. Elementor Pro

Elementor is the only frontend page builder that offers limitless design capabilities. You can create complete sites using their template builder. Custom headers, footers, sections, popups, the list goes on. It is also very light on the server. They even have their own bare-bones theme to go with it. Elementor Hello. 

2.ACF (Advanced Custom Fields)

ACF is a plugin which allows you to add extra content fields in all the WordPress edit screen, posts, pages, etc. This allows you to further customize the website and make it more intuitive for the client to use. You can use these custom fields within an Elementor page as dynamic content. That means the client doesn’t have to edit the design to change content, they just edit the content in the main edit page and that takes effect in the front end. And that takes us to the next plugin…

3. ACF Frontend Form Element

Front end Form is a nifty little tool that works with ACF and Elementor. It adds a new widget to Elementor that is used as a content editor or creator. It connects straight to the custom fields created and now the client can view the page without being in the Elementor edit screen and they just click edit on the new element and they can simply edit the page.

4. CPT  UI(Custom Post Types)

Custom Post Types helps us turn WordPress from a simple blogging website and make it into a powerful CMS. Besides for just having Posts and Pages, we can create many other content types. We have made Rental and Sale Properties for real estate, events, and notification for coaching and authors. This greatly increases the customizability of each site and works cohesively with the previous tools mentioned.
Practically, in real estate, we made a CPT for Rental Properties. Each Post type has its own custom fields for all the details needed to list a property, price, location, rooms, bathrooms, etc. Then we created a custom template for the design of rentals, which is slightly different from sales. We took this even further and used ACF front end form element to allow the real estate agents to add new property listings just by logging into the front-end and clicking a button only they can see. Pretty powerful eh?    

5. Insert Headers and Footers

This plugin allows us to insert code like Facebook pixel, Google tag manager, Hubspot etc, into the site without having to edit theme code. This is also a big advantage when there is a major core WordPress edit. We don’t have to worry about the code getting erased.

6. Snippets

This is a plugin that allows adding small pieces of PHP code into the site to extend the functionality of the site without having to edit the core code. Different from the previous plugin as Insert Headers is only for the frontend HTML. We have actually used this to add in a customization that allows us to grab the visitors IP and return their city in the content of the site. Great for marketing…

7. Yoast SEO

This is one of those classic WordPress plugins that is the most popular and widely used. Yoast is a powerful tool that helps make your site as search engine friendly as it could possibly be.

8. iThemes Security

Over 40,000 sites are hacked each day, and you probably don’t know it but your site is very vulnerable. This plugin works very well in locking down any malicious activity and passes on that information across their network. That means if someone else’s site that has iThemes is attacked, they log that source and block out that attacker from all sites using iThemes. Get it now!

9. Really Simple SSL

Really Simple SSL does a small task of detecting the settings of the server and helps set the website to run over HTTPS. It is a lightweight tool and your entire site will be HTTPS encrypted so you can protect your visitors and sell stuff too!

10. Wp Mail SMTP

Basically any issue you had with sending emails from WordPress are solved with this plugin. A must-have!

Well, that’s what we have for now. That is a lot to swallow, but that is where we come in. This stuff is second nature to us. We can help you build the site you always wanted and these are the common tools we will use. Now that you are aware of it, let’s build a website together and make it shine.

Featured image credits: https://wp301redirects.com/


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