Facebook ads are way better than Janglo

Facebook allows you to choose a specific target audience based on interests, demographic, location etc.

A lot of anglos in Israel are familiar with Janglo. They provide a good service helping people find jobs, businesses and much more. They even offer a business premium listing options where you pay a certain fee up to 500NIS to be featured on their page.

This will allow the business to be listed in front of many thousands of people daily, including their email blasts and social media channels. That sounds great, and it’s a great value, possibly.

I recently came across an article on their site claiming that their premium plan is 10X better than running Facebook ads. I want to break down that article and why it missed the mark completely.

“We’ve tested this many times, and we always arrive at the same result. Featured ads on Janglo consistently deliver better ROI than Facebook ads for small local advertising budgets. “

Let’s break down this line. It has many issues I want to address and basically breaks apart their whole case study.  Questions to ask:

  • What targeting was used on Facebook?
  • How are we defining ROI?
  • Was the ad assets and copy the same across both? 

Facebook Targeting

Facebook allows you to choose a specific target audience based on interests, demographic, location etc. Some targeting works better than others. It all comes down to doing research on the audience you want to advertise for.

This allows you to be variable about who you want to target and put the ad in front of the right people who will more likely be interested in what you have.  As you serve the ad you can follow the data and optimize the text, assets and targeting to get more conversions from each view. Plus you can AB test easily. Split your daily spend in half across two ads or more.

Great video how your business can still benefit from Facebook Ads in 2020

What were the parameters they chose as a target? Who says that their target is a legitimate comparison with Janglo? These question in themselves break their argument that Janglo is better. They did not do correct tests or tell us how they chose to target.

Let’s talk what Janglo targeting might be.  It is a broad range of Anglos living in Israel. They want to find jobs, post their businesses, or find anything around daily life.  Placing a successful ad with them would have to cover most of those genres, hope that the right prospect notices the banner at the right time. Though it may show some result because of their traffic numbers, you won’t be able to optimize that ad and get the most from the money spent. You can technically AB test with them but that might cost you two ad placements.


Our findings: An effective NIS 30 or NIS 180 campaign on Janglo can do 10X better than a similar expense on Facebook.”

They claim their ROI is better. What is ROI? 

If you read further and look at the infographic you will see they are comparing impressions and clicks on the ad. 

30 NIS in each platform: 28 clicks on Facebook, 280 clicks on Janglo. 

True it’s more clicks, then we circle back to what was their target on FB so that makes that number worthless.  Even so, most business that want to make money from posting their ads, they look at ROI as who converts to a customer and not how many clicked. 

With Facebook, you can create ads that connect to your website and track conversions as leads or sales or and completed action. You will actually know how much each ad money is worth to you. 

Assets and copy

In order to make a really clean test, they would have to create ads on both platforms that are optimized for each.  Facebook is a social media platform, the users interact with the platform in a very different way than they would with an information website.

Therefore the ads placed on Facebook have to be very different from the ads placed on Janglo. They made no indication that they made them different to optimize each platform. 


So then, which one is better. There is no truthful answer you can pull out of this as the test was completely and obviously biased to get more sales for their platform. We said earlier that if your particular business or product fits perfectly in this platform and their audience, you will obviously get great results. 

However, with Facebook, you have a lot of different options at your fingertips. You also don’t have to stick to Israel as a location if you want to market your service or product overseas. The learning curve is definitely bigger with Facebook, but the results you can get will pay off if you are patient.

If you need any help with marketing on Facebook or other platforms we are happy to help. Feel free to reach out to us.

Do Facebook Ads work?

Yes, they work.  But you have to make sure you have the right goal for your ads and that you are measuring the right data.

Facebook has some of the most highly targeted, lowest cost per click advertising available on the internet today.

What type of Facebook Ad should I run?

There are many different Ad objectives.
The 3 main objectives we like to focus on are Traffic, Engagement and Conversions.
Ask us how to get started

How do I get cheaper clicks with Facebook Ads?

By creating engaging copy and assets, relevant targeting and split testing a few different ads.
You can optimize your click-through rate and convert more on the back end of your site.


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