How to get more clients for your business using your website and online marketing

Get this straight, they do not care about you. Harsh right?

Online Marketing is a challenge.

There is a lot of competition and many providers of service similar to yours. You probably already spent some money on your website and for copy and other assets. Unfortunately, it’s not all panning out to be the way you expected it. You literally hear crickets… So what do you do?

Let’s address a few aspects of your strategy to see if it’s in line with what your potential customers are looking for. 

Get this straight, they do not care about you. Harsh right? But they don’t care about all you offer and the all the wonderful bells and whistles that your business has, that the competitor doesn’t have. All they care about is that they have an issue, can you solve it?

For example, here at BananaCake media, we build landing pages with all the integrations included. That’s cool but there are other companies that do that, and it does not say anything to our clients. But if we change it this way: We help you bring more customers and leads to your business by building high converting landing pages that will your clients coming back for more… Now we are talking.
Got the message? Let’s move on then…

The truth is once you really get that messaging right, everything else becomes so easy. You know what to write about on your main page, your blogs. You will know how to phrase your ads if you choose to use them. After that as long your website is responsive and visitors can clearly get the picture of what they are looking for on mobile (70% of your traffic) you will be golden! 

Of course, if you need help with this you can contact us and we will gladly help you!


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