We took a deep data dive into Janglo ads.  Are they actually better than Facebook?

Janglo Ads, Not Worth It

Janglo did not represent the data correctly

They missed focus completely

Conversions should be the most important for your business. Clicks and impressions are ok when its set to the right people.

Who did they target?

They did not discuss how they set up tarketing in their study, so how can we get a real answer for what it better...

Janglo does not let you choose your targeting...

Can you chooose a specific audience with Janglo?

The answer is no. They will serve the ad across their entire network. Maybe that is good but that is not an ideal way to reach new customers.

Janglo Assets & Copy

You only got one shot...

Janglo ads will only let you publish what ever you send them. What to change it up? You might have to pay more...

But...Change as much as you want with Facebook

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